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Welcome To Bergen’s Auto Body Regina

At Bergen’s Auto Body “Customer Satisfaction Means Quality”. We are an SGI Accredited Regina Auto Body and Collision Repair shop, and we offer courtesy cars to our clients. We specialize in foreign vehicles and offer an auto body concierge service to our customers. Our team are here to guide you through the process from beginning to end.  

Bergens Auto Body Regina


The Bergen Auto Body Blueprint

Bergens Auto Body Regina BlueprintWhen you choose Bergens Auto Body Regina, we do a more in-depth assessment of your vehicle which we call a blueprint.  It is no different than a building blueprint.  This well thought out process helps our staff fix your vehicle properly and, ensures that we find any hidden damage.  Having the blueprint ready and accepted by SGI helps our team so that we are fully prepared when your vehicle arrives for repair.  We will have all the parts in our shop and the repairs will be completed correctly, in less time, and more efficiently.

Please understand that our assessments do take longer than your general parking lot check.  We could need your vehicle for 2 hours or more, depending on the severity of the damage. However, in most cases, you will have your vehicle returned the same day. The exception would be if we deem your vehicle unsafe to drive.




What Should You Do After an Accident?

No one wants to think about having an accident, see the steps below to take if the worse happens to you.

  1. Hit & Run – You require a police file number before phoning SGI to report the incident if you do not know who hit you.
  2. When in an accident with another vehicle, please take down the following: license plate number, drivers license number and the full name of the person. Get any eyewitnesses information.
  3. If driveable, please take the info and report the incident to SGI by phone or go to their website and file your claim online. Don’t hold up traffic if both vehicles are driveable.



If you want to be more than just a number then BERGEN’S AUTO BODY & COLLISION in Regina is the shop for you. We treat our customers like family! 

Contact our Trusted Regina Auto Body team today.